RTX 4090 died after 3 months of gaming

My Zotac RTX 4090 just died with colorful pixels after 3 months (2 hours per day of Cyberpunk 2077). No, not a melted power plug issues, despite the fact that the system took 600 Watt on average per hour.
RMA took 3 weeks, let us see how the second card behaves…


Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.63 fixed texture errors caused by Path Tracing

Here is the list off all the changes for the 1.63 Patch.


CD PROJEKT RED is working on a fix for texture errors caused by Path Tracing

Just got a confirmation that CD PROJECT RED is working on a fix for the texture issues caused by enabling Path Tracing.


NVIDIA's RTX 4090 on the limit - 95% VRAM utilization and 500W+ of power consumption

NVIDIA's Path Tracing is the next big step into unified light and shadow rendering on modern hardware, removing boundaries that have been there since the beginning of real time graphics technology. Let's see, how modern frame up scaling and frame generation techniques can handle that and btw, NVIDIA's RTX 4090 is on the the limit - 95% VRAM utilization and 500W+ of power consumption in Cybberpunk 2077 ...


OLED Display - Bad readability of text on your Windows machine?

Because Windows 11 ClearType feature does not support RGBW, it won't work with current OLED displays. You can turn it off, which helps a bit. But there is an alternative, an open source tool called MacType! Here are 2 profiles for your OLED - I'm using the DeepGrayNoHinting with my LG C2.


ToMMTi-Systems is now using HTTPS

Took me some time, but better late then never!


Tile-based Rasterization in Nvidia GPUs

David Kanter shows interesting architectual differences between AMD and NVIDIA GPUs.


First Android MOD: [CAMERA MOD] Stock Camera(FW 10.1.A.1434) - 20Mbps for 1080/720 Video + 312Kbps Audio

Camera Mod for Sony Xperia Z by ToMMti ;)


- 20Mbps for 1080/720 video (orig. 17.5Mbps and 12Mbps)
- 312KBits audio (orig. 156KBps)
- forced JPEG quality to 100% anywhere in the camera app + media profiles

how to install:

- extract the zip file
- copy SemcCameraUI.apk to /system/app
- change permissions of SemcCameraUI.apk to 644 (rw-r--r--) + owner to root using Root Explorer or some other tools
- copy media_profiles.xml to /system/etc
- change permissions of media_profiles.xml to 644 (rw-r--r--) + owner to root using Root Explorer or some other tools
- reboot

Download it here.


Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300) - Crackling Sound issue

On the I9300XXALF6 default & custom (I tested Siyah, franco and Ninphetamin3) kernels did not provide any better audio playback (crackling sounds - tested via stock player, n7player and poweramp) - so my final solution that fixed the problem until Samsung or some kernel guys fix it, is to use SetCPU and switch the kernel governor to 'ondemand' instead of 'pegasusq' - I guess, years of Linux development effort can't be replaced by a 1-2 year Samsung effort ;)


ToMMTi-Systems SSAA-Tool v1.02

ToMMTi-Systems SSAA-Tool v1.02 has been released, with the following features:

- added support for independent X (width) and Y (height) SSAA levels
Please read the ReadMe.txt / LiesMich.txt to understand how to configure the Tool properly!

If it does not work, please disable the Steam Overlay, Fraps, XFire and all other Gaming Overlay Applications!



Fixing AMDs Catalyst OpenCL installation when switching between driver versions

If you have installed a newer Catalyst version ever and go back to an older Catalyst, OpenCL uninstall will not remove all OpenCL files and this could cause your OpenCL to be in a broken state.

- uninstall opencl(64).msi

delete those files under system32 & WOW64 if you are on x64:


and this folder:


- restart and install opencl(64).msi again
- restart again, now AML Device Install will re-create the proper OpenCL database

If you want 100% sure, run the DirectComputeBenchmark_v0_45b in OpenCL mode for the GPU and see, if it works.


ToMMTi-Systems SSAA-Tool v1.01

ToMMTi-Systems SSAA-Tool v1.01 has been released, with the following features:

- fixed several bugs
- there is now a new option window (Mouse Cursor Fix & Window Size Fix), shown on every game launch that you can play around
with, if you have troube setting SSAA in some games
- added support for Metro 2033, Deus Ex 3, Dragon Age 2 (configure SSAA in the DragonAge2Config.exe, not in the game!), Battlefied 3
- for Metro 2033 & Battlefield 3 please use the Option Mouse Cursor Fix and you may have to ALT+TAB out/in the game to make that work!

Please read the ReadMe.txt / LiesMich.txt to understand how to configure the Tool properly!

If it does not work, please disable the Steam Overlay, Fraps, XFire and all other Gaming Overlay Applications!



FSAA (Anti-Aliasing) für EA's neues Medal of Honor im Single Player Modus auf NVIDIA GeForce Karten

Ich hab hier mal eine Anleitung gepostet!

Viel Spaß!


ToMMTi-Systems SSAA-Tool v1.0

ToMMTi-Systems SSAA-Tool v1.0 has been released, with the following features:

- support for SSAA (defined by a user value from 0.0 to 999999.99999) (dx10-dx11)
- force tripple buffered rendering (dx8-dx11)
- force vsync rendering (dx8-dx11)
- simple SLI/CF FPS Limiter to reduce Microstuttering - the FPS can be defined by a user value (dx8-dx11)
- experimental option for rendering a game (dx8-dx11) via the reference rasterizer or for dx10 only, rendering via the WARP renderer

Please read the ReadMe.txt / LiesMich.txt to understand how to configure the Tool properly!

If it does not work, please disable the Steam Overlay, Fraps, XFire and all other Gaming Overlay Applications!



Batman Arkham Asylum - MSAA Patch for ATi/AMD bases graphics cards

Here is our patch to enable MSAA on ATI/AMD Graphics cards. The achived MSAA with this patch is faster, than the MSAA you can force via the Catalyst Control Panel and it let the Game Engine detect a ATi/AMD based card for applying proper IHV optimizations.

This Patch has only been tested with the Batman Arkham Asylum Update V1.1 - so please install the update first!

UPDATE: This is meant for benchmarks & testing, as this patch will disable the save game functionality!


AMD's Radeon 5xxx mit neuem anisotropen Filters - besser als NVIDIA's GT200 ?

Das wurde ja auch Zeit! Endlich bekommt man gute Bildqualität.
TweakersNet haben den Vergleich zwischen RV8xx (Radeon 5xxxx), RV770 (Radeon 4xxx) und NVIDIA's GT2xx.


Blockieren von Google Analytics

So kann man Google-Analytics Blockieren

Blockieren von Google Analytics

Der Seitenbesucher kann aber verhindern, dass Google Analytics irgendwelche Daten aufzeichnet. Dazu muss nur die Hosts Datei entsprechend abgeändert werden. Hier ein Beispiel von einer Standard Windows-XP Installation:

Die Datei c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts mit einem Text-Editor öffnen und die folgende Zeile hinzufügen: www.google-analytics.com


NVIDIA's Medusa Demo (GT200) on ATi's Radeon DirectX 10 Hardware

Here is a our patch... have fun and please read the howto.txt file in the patch archive!

BTW. I think the Catalyst Team has to put a fix in their drivers, for the last sequence of the demo.


Windows Vista - OpenGL -> ATi's Evan Hart

Since I was at the OpenGL BOF at SIGGRAPH where this was discussed, I would like to clarify a bit of what was mentioned.

First, there were two current paths for OpenGL on Vista mentioned. The first one is a DX wrapper, with its potential performance shortfalls and lack of extension support. The second path was a traditional ICD which when activated would force the desktop out of the compositing mode, but would allow performance and extensions.

Second, 3DLabs, ATI, and NVIDIA all pledged that they were dedicated to work with Microsoft to add the additional support necessary to make ICDs work seamlessly with the rest of the OS. There was an open request to have developers contact their Microsoft reps to express any concerns that they have over this.

Finally, this is all my personal take on the issue as an attendee at the BOF. I think an unfortunate bit about the issue in that it gets quickly caught up in FUD from all directions, which helps no one. With the current state of affairs, you could possibly classify all of the following statements as true:

1. OpenGL support on Vista will run through a slow D3D wrapper.
2. OpenGL on Vista will not support the compositing desktop.
3. OpenGL will have support for the compositing desktop on Vista.
4. Vista will support high-performance OpenGL ICDs.

Obviously, they all need qualifiers, and are not simultaneously true. This unfortunately makes it too easy to confuse developers. Please get the facts straight and if you feel it will impact your products, make whatever Microsoft contacts you have aware of your concern over the issue.



ShaderMark v2.1 Update

Leider ist uns beim Update auf Build 130 ein Fehler unterlaufen. Deshalb folgt jetzt Build 130a.


ShaderMark v2.1 Update

Dieses Update behebt die Fehler auf ATi's R3xx und R4xx Karten, welche beim 'Combination Effect' zu sehen waren. Zusätzlich wurde die neuste DirectX 9.0c Version (Juni 2005) verwendet.


kaum News :(

Sorry, leider habe ich im Moment kaum Zeit, micht um die Seite zu kümmern :(


NVIDIA GeForce 6200 Review

Haben Beyond3D online.

CES 2500 - NVIDIA's und ATi's Pläne

Legen CoolTechZone offen.

Interview mit ATi's Rick Bergman

Gibt's ebenfalls bei ExtremeTech.

Ausblick auf den Grafikkartenmark 2005

Findet man bei ExtremeTech.

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